MASI Services


Mindfulness Training

The ability to be present, non-judgemental, and focused on your purpose has been proven to improve performance and well-being. MASI offers mindfulness meditation training to help individuals and groups to take control of their minds and emotions in order to live their best life. 


Sport Psychology 

Sport Psychology is the applied science of achieving peak performance. Too often athletes focus solely on their bodies even though they know the importance of mastering their mental game. Our Sport Psychology training is for athletes who are ready to take their game and life to a next level through committed training. 


Functional Medicine

In truth, their is no such thing as the mind or the body. They are one thing.  But when you want to get your mindset right, when you want your brain firing on all cylinders, you need to make sure the body supports it in the most optimal fashion.That is why we offer Functional Medicine testing, evaluation and treatment as part of our commitment to help you find your flow and be the best you can be.