Brent Hogarth, MA.

Founder, Mental Health Advocate for athletes 

After a life changing trip to India in 2010, I entered a Master's in Sport Psychology and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PSYD) to further develop my understanding of the science of human performance.  My training has covered many areas of psychological theory and practice, but my focus has always remained on answering my curiosities about the intersection between peak performance and mindfulness-based training. Additionally, I am focused on being a mental health advocate for athletes in order to bring education and solutions to the often neglected mental health challenges that athletes experience.

I have a broad range of experiences in the clinical field: I have worked in substance abuse, geriatrics, and academic settings. In the field of Sport Psychology I have worked with at-risk youth, elite-collegiate, and Olympic athletes as well as individuals working in various businesses.  At the moment, I am completing the final chapter in my doctoral training, a 1 year Pre-Doctoral Internship at the counseling center at the University of Texas, El Paso.  

I created The Mind and Sport Institute in 2012 in order to help athletes have easy access to sport psychology education and consulting. While this website is currently in its infancy after technical challenges, our goal is to repopulate it and to in the near future host our first culminates conference.

Jonah Larkin, MS, LAc

Licensed Acupuncturist, Masters in Chinese Medicine. 

I have turned my lifelong passion for health into the pursuit of helping others achieve the absolute highest possible levels of well-being and vitality.  

My approach is not based on pat rules but instead on sound scientific principles, advanced lab testing and thousands of hours of clinical experience.  I am a firm believer in the innate intelligence and healing capacity of the human body.  I have seen too many people heal from illness and injury that once seemed hopeless to believe anything different.  The most important thing is to get out of our own way and let the body do its job.

Unlike conventional lab testing that focuses on one biomarker at a time, I utilize a systems approach.  Advanced metabolic and genomic lab testing can determine how your body systems are working.   These results show us where the opportunities for healing and optimization lie.  Then we create a bio-individualized plan to help you achieve your highest brain, body and fitness goals.  

I serve clients both nationally and internationally via secure video conferencing.  I recommend setting up a short conversation to see if working together is right for you.