Since 2011, MASI has supported high-performers to achieve peak-performance and optimal well-being through mindfulness-based sport psychology training. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower athletes and business professionals to achieve peak performance and well-being through mental training in the science of optimal human performance. 

Our training includes mindfulness meditation, and sharing the foundational mental skills of Sport Psychology (such as goal-setting, self-talk, imagery, arousal regulation etc.,) in combination with the Clinical Psychological approaches of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic and Existentialism. In doing so, our approach focuses not only on the cognitive and behavioral aspects of performance, but also on the existential and spiritual aspects that are key to self-regulation.

I suffered what most consider a career ending injury in my sport. Through my daily intention work and meditation with Brent, I rehabbed not only in half the time but a considerably much stronger athlete both mentally and physically. I recommend any athlete at any caliber in their sport to work with Brent.
— Georgia Simmerling, 3x Multi-Sport Olympic Athlete and Bronze Medalist